FootAR accompanies the Nacional team`s third consecutive victory

Last Saturday, September 16th, Nacional faced Feirense in an exciting match. Nacional aimed to win for the third consecutive time this season and achieved it with a goal that sealed the final score at 1-0.

Ulisses, the Brazilian player, with his skill and precision, once again demonstrated why he is a key piece in the team. The FootAR App provides quick access to all statistics of this talented player, from the goals he scored to shots on target, and all in-game statistics. It’s a valuable tool for true football enthusiasts who want to closely follow the performance of their favorite players.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay up-to-date with all statistics, updates, and real-time news. Let’s continue to follow National’s games this season through this valuable tool and keep the sporting spirit alive. Together, we will celebrate every victory.

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