FootAR at the Forefront of Sporting Innovation at C-PLPEX 2023 in 📍Macau

October 23, 2023

FootAR was privileged to participate in the prestigious Exposição Económica e Comercial China-Países de Língua Portuguesa (C-PLPEX) in Macau, a highly notable event.

C-PLPEX 2023 represented a significant milestone in the landscape of economic and trade cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. The event, which celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation, provided a dynamic platform for Chinese and Portuguese-speaking countries’ companies to showcase and promote their brands and products. The exhibition highlighted the growing importance of innovation and collaboration across various economic sectors, further consolidating the bonds between the participating regions.

FootAR’s booth attracted the attention of many curious and interested individuals to the demonstration of the revolutionary augmented reality application, specially designed to streamline the analysis of football games for sports enthusiasts. The atmosphere of the event reflected a strong inclination towards collaboration and the exploration of new partnership opportunities between Chinese and Portuguese-speaking companies, thus underscoring the increasing significance of international economic cooperation.

Participation in C-PLPEX solidified FOOTAR’s position as a driving force at the intersection of technology and sports, promising an exciting and innovative future for sports enthusiasts and football fans.✅